Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A quiet start to 2013

Well the year has started off rather quietly. Lots of Golden Plover, Redwing, Fieldfare and a few Woodcock around. I have seen the Short Eared Owl again but he was too quick for a pic.

The frogspawn that was laid in November became tadpoles in January and the ponds are now alive with mating toads. Newts are also braving the waters.

All the toads have not been so lucky - there are a couple of Carrion Crows that are always feeding on toads at Ruan Pool. Also last Sunday I tried to rescue the blighter below but I fear I was too late as he was extremely cold and a tad frozen! I broke the ice for him and returned an hour or so later and he was still on the ice with half a leg missing.

There is an interesting programme underway at the Farm involving the unearthing of the Farm's WW2 Pill Boxes. 4 previously overgrown and hidden Pill Boxes have been revealed.

There are now 7 Pill Boxes on show at the Farm. Hopefully the coming months will throw up a few early migrants and when the weather warms up the adders will be out. I have put a few new reptile tins down.