Monday, 31 December 2012

Good end to 2012

Well I paid my last visit of the year to Gates yesterday and had a great time. I got there about 1130 and kicked the visit off with a pasty and a flask of Earl Grey on the pillbox. I often sit on the pillbox as there are great views from there. Today I saw thousands of GPs on the airfield and a few flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare.

Post my pasty I conducted a circuit of the Farm. I spent 45 minutes in the hide at Ruan (and did not see a lot!). Just as I was contemplating leaving a Short Eared Owl jumped up out of the grass about 30ft in front of the hide. Before I could get a pic it went down again! It must of been there the whole time that I was. After 5 minutes it briefly popped up, flew about 15 ft and then went down again, I managed to get a couple of record shots. Great birds and I am glad one of them has chosen to have a kip at the Farm.

On my return walk I flushed a couple of Woodcock from the boardwalk (I find they are generally at the southern end of the boardwalk). A fantastic day all round.

Happy New Year to all.


  1. Nice one Dougy. What were all those doctors doing on the airfield??

  2. Happy New Year Dougy,hope 2013 brings loads of new birds.

  3. Thanks John and Sue. No doubt bump into somewhere.