Sunday, 23 June 2013

Captured on cam!

Look what was captured on cam last week! I have been trying to get footage of otters (which I know are occasional visitors to the Farm). A very good substitute strolled on cam! There have been 2 previous sightings of Roe Deer at the Farm (both bucks) and there have been a lot of deer prints this year - hopefully we have some residents.  I also captured this little guy letting others know that the boardwalk is his! Also 2 Marsh Fritts were reported on the 21st June. To look for Marsh Fritts walk along the small boardwalk towards Dragonfly Ponds and turn left before going into Dragonfly Ponds field - follow the hedgerow and keep looking! Alternatively they are often at the southern end of the big boardwalk (just outside the gate at end of boardwalk). If it is sunny next week they will be there.

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