Monday, 21 May 2018

Week ending 20 May 2018

What a cracking week weather wise! It is still fairly quiet on The Lizard rarities front - that said a visiting birder had a Black Kite on Saturday afternoon. As it happens I was sat, having a picnic with my wife, at Soapy Cove (in sight of the Windmill) at the time! FFS lol.

A friend of mine (Al Taylor) took a lovely shot of one of the resident Roe Deer this weekend:

I was on hand at the Farm on Saturday morning to watch the Peregrine below take a Wood Pigeon over Ruan Pool. I was sat in the hide and the Peregrine took the Wood Pigeon and flew over the hide into the field behind me; I heard Magpies making a commotion - indicating the Peregrine had landed with its prey. I went and had a look and the Peregrine was in the field right outside the hide. The Peregrine was not happy and took off scolding me all the way - I got a few shots. The leg ring is yellow and had YD on it - indicating that it is a Cornish bird ringed in North Cornwall.


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  1. Great post and shots Dougy,if the weather stays good,we hope to pop down this Saturday the 26th.
    Take care.